Body Image

Tonight was the night; the annual Victoria’s Secret Fashion show, where girls across the nation cried about their bodies, and tweeted every possible thought about tonight’s show. ex. “VS fashion show; time to eat a tub of ice cream and cry” or “VS fashion show lowers my self esteem”

Why do females do this to themselves? Why torture yourself with the image of these beautiful almost perfect women? Just turn off the television and go eat some ice-cream. Do you want to know what i did instead of watching the fashion show? I ate Ben&Jerrys, and read The Hunger Games. And did i cry and get upset and tweet about it no? So why does everyone else feel the need to. The key answer there my friend, is attention.

I have come to the conclusion that people only tweet things they desperately want other people to see, and to get some sort of reaction or attention from it. So by tweeting about the VS fashion show, they were simply looking for a rise.

I however cannot say i do not plan on watching the show, since i will download it tomorrow and probably watch it. But it doesn’t make me upset you see, because i go to the gym multiple times a week, and a live a super healthy lifestyle with a super healthy diet. And with those things put together, i will watch the Victoria’s Secret fashion show, like any other kind of show, and smile because i feel confident enough in my own body. That however, brings me to my next point: Society.

I find that in todays society, girls can be so double sided. Girls with big boobs or big bums can love their blessed, uncontrollable features, and everyone is fine with this. But as soon as a girl has any bit of confidence in her body or her stomach, she is immediately judged and questioned. “Why is she so cocky and full of herself?” “Wow, she is really conceited”

I’m sorry, but since when did it become such a crime to like something about yourself? And the most messed up part is, society tells us to love and accept ourselves. So when we do, we get blamed and judged for it. Having big boobs and a nice bum is a common feature, and quite frankly, it is an uncontrollable feature. Did you work really hard to get those big boobs? Probably not. Yet when girls workout and eat healthy, they don’t even have time to feel confident and love their bodies in public without girls judging them for being full of themselves. Why can everyone else love what they have, but i cannot love what i have worked so hard for? Why can you go out and show cleavage every night, but if i wear a crop top, or something that reveals my stomach, i’m looked upon differently?

I truly don’t understand how society works. And people wonder why girls suffer from eating disorders, and why our generation is so messed up.

ALSO i just want to add one more thing: Why do people then post photos of bigger plus size models and write: “i honestly think these girls are prettier than VS models” or post the quote: “Real women have curves, only dogs like bones”

Ok… so when did skinny/fit girls become FAKE girls!?? I’m pretty sure they are still “real”, thanks, and also, why does it have to be a constant comparison or competition? Why can’t society just appreciate that there are girls who are skinny and in shape, and there are girls who are bigger, but also healthy and happy? Why can’t men, women, teenagers, etc, accept everyone, and just love everyone with the constant judging of who’s better and who is prettier? Can we all just STOP. Thank you. 


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