Tiffany, Pandora, and everything else overpriced

I have never been a big fan of jewellery; I just have never really found a need for it. Some girls buy earrings, necklaces, rings, bracelets, etc, but I never really wear any! Except this year for my birthday, my mom’s best friend got me a Tiffany bracelet. Also, my good friend got me a Pandora bracelet. I kindly thanked them and smiled, but deep down, I knew I would never have a purpose for them. Afterwards, I asked my mother if I could return them and get books instead. She told me that was rude. I looked up how much they were online, and the Tiffany was $160, and the Pandora bracelet itself was $75…. For a silver band. Then on top of that, charms start at a minimum of $30 each, but the one they got me had to have been at least $50, which is ridiculous for a tiny little thing.

Tiffany&Co is worse. It brainwashes females across the nation that all they should want under their Christmas tree is a “little blue box”. I disagree with their entire mentality because they expect people to pay outstanding amounts of money on little pieces of jewellery that aren’t even that pretty. The bracelet I got was $160 and it looked like the silver chain that goes in your sinks drain.  And it’s even more dumb that girls fall for this. They beg their parents and boyfriends to buy them Tiffany, just to have the name brand.

I’m saying, who gives a shit if you own Tiffany or Pandora. I could make a bracelet in kindergarden that looked prettier and had more meaning than their jewelery does.  Also, I’ve heard from multiple people that the employees at Tiffany are rude and stuck up. I don’t understand how people can still want to shop there if they are treated so poorly.

I say we stop giving into these companies that just want to take our money, and just rip us off.


And Pandora. And Hollister, and Abercrombie, and Aritzia, and Victoria’s Secret, and everything else overpriced.


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