Every day, we want want want, and buy buy buy. Consumerism has taken over our lives, forcing us to think that all we need to do is consume more.

I was sitting in a food court with my brother and father yesterday, watching them eat their slices of pizza, and sip on their cokes, while I sat there and ate nothing as I watched. I looked around the food court, and saw everyone else doing the same thing, and I felt like everyone was robots in a factory; continuously doing the same things daily, and purchasing more and more.


We think that we need to buy to be happy, but we are completely wrong. Years before our time, people would find joy by sitting around a fire and singing. If people couldn’t afford something, their village would help them and give it to them as a gift. Today, we are filled with such greed it is rare that we’d help a stranger on the street. Most of the time when that does happens, it’s because people know that sharing what they did will get a positive reaction. Ex. “I bought a homeless man a coffee” “awe, you are such a kind soul”. It makes you question if that person really did it because of the homeless man, or for themselves.

Humans are turning into mindless machines that go to work, come home, and consume. We eat fast food because it’s quick and efficient, but people rarely take the time to think about what they are putting into their body. There can be healthier fast food options such as fruit, veggies, sandwiches, yogurt, etc, yet we continue to buy buy buy, and spend so much money on food, constantly giving into the industry, that we will run out of money.

We work work work, only to use the money that we made to spend. We spend it on pointless things that we could easily live without. People buy because they “want”, not because they “need”. What would people do if you were only allowed a limit of spending $50 a month? If you really think about it, that wouldn’t be much of a problem since all we really need is food and water. Oh and shelter, so add that to the cost of your monthly allowance.

We not only consume, but we take it for granted. We complain about things like our phones not working, or not wanting to go to class, when in reality, those are ridiculous things to complain about considering people in other countries, hell, even in our cities, that are less fortunate than us. How dare we complain? Who gave us the right to complain about things we can easily fix. They don’t have it easy. They don’t have anyone to fix it for them.

As humans, we need to realize this mess we are creating, and fix it. I’m afraid the end of the world won’t come from a global disaster, but from mankind itself. And if anything, mankind, isn’t kind at all. It’s terrifying.


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