Guns Don’t Kill People- WE DO

Okay, so there has always been controversial feelings about gun control, and should they be banned in the US. My answer: NO.

It bugs me so much when people stand up and support gun control. Their claims are silly points like murder rates would go down if there was gun control. Humans can kill people however they want, guns are just one of the many options. If you band guns, that IS NOT going to prevent murder and crime.

People beat each other up, strangle people, stab people, and they get in trouble. But as soon as someone gets shot, everyone’s like “if guns were illegal this wouldn’t have happened!” what are they going to do next, band knives? People don’t realize how ridiculous they sound. No matter how many laws you create, murder and crime are still going to happen.

And if they do ban guns, what do you expect the police to come save you with? Oh right, the police are allowed guns because they are an exception; but why? Why do police get to keep their guns? Cause they can save you? So can law abiding citizens.

Guns do not kill people – we as humans do that. And sure guns assist us and make it easier to kill, but any weapon can do that. And making a gun illegal isn’t going to cure the mind of the corrupt and sick people out there who want to kill. If they want to kill someone, they will whether a gun is legal or not. If the gun is illegal, they’ll move to their next weapon of choice, perhaps a knife, and then that crime will still be committed, and someone will still end up dead, and one ends up guilty.

You may not believe in guns, and you may not believe in god, but if someone breaks into your home, the first two things you are going to do is call someone with a gun, and pray they get their fast.


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