The Hype of Christmas

I LOVE WINTER! It is such a wonderful time of the year! Birds chirping, people swimming in their pools – oh wait, that’s summer.

Okay, so I may not like winter, but the one good thing we get from this awful time of year is… CHRISTMAS. The snow is sometimes pretty, the lights make you feel warm inside, family and friends get together, and the best part is, no school!

The thing I find with Christmas thought – is that the hype of it is always so much better than the actual day. I think its Christmas time that we all enjoy, and not so much December 25th. Because for a whole month, we decorate our homes, busily shop for presents, and anxiously anticipate what Christmas morning is going to be like. But in reality, it’s just like any other day, except with lots of presents, family and food.

So I think we all enjoy the hype of Christmas more than the actual day. Well, that’s just my opinion anyway.

Another thing: I hate people who only enjoy Christmas for the presents. Christmas should not be about getting, it should be about giving, receiving, and sharing love and affection with the ones you surround yourself with. Only a greedy person would look forward to Christmas to open presents. I feel bad asking for things that I want. “What a stupid holiday” I think to myself. We get all pumped up to celebrate a day every single year that is designated to just greedily making a long list of things we want, and usually getting them. We are taught this from a very young age, and I think that is wrong. We should first learn that Christmas is about Jesus Christ and religion, and what follows learning that would be family, good, giving, and finally, receiving.


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