Invisible Gates

I have this theory, and I call it the Invisible Gates. You see, it’s the psychological handcuffs that are in your mind that prevent you from doing things.

A perfect example of this is: I bake cookies. I lock them up so no one eats them. People will still try to take them. Invisible gates: I bake cookies. I tell everyone that if they even get near a square inch of my cookies, I will murder them in their sleeps. I therefore leave the cookies sitting out, not locked up, and not a single person will touch them.

And that my friend, is my best explanation of invisible gates. You see, it’s those invisible gates and handcuffs that prevent a lot of people from things. Like murder and crime. I believe if everyone could, they would beat people up and murder them if they wanted. But since we live in this society where you get sentenced to life in prison and capital punishment, people aren’t too fond of those consequences. Humans aren’t good people. They don’t have clean hands because they are kind hearted, they have clean hands because they know what will happen to them if they break the law. Those invisible handcuffs in their mind are the only thing stopping them. If we didn’t have a law or prisons, you can sure bet there would be 100% more crime.

I think the same thing goes for helping people though; people only do it for the reaction it will get them. What kind of world would we live in without these psychological gates and promises?


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