Let’s Talk Tattoos

Nothing pisses me off more than when people have a problem with tattoos.

First of all, I just want to start off by saying what stigma there is behind tattoos. People tell you “oh, don’t get a tattoo there, you definitely won’t get a job” and yes, that may be a true statement, but WHY! Why do employers and business owners care if you have tattoos? Does that effect how you work? No. Does it define the kind of person you are? Absolutely not. So why are there suck strict rules that you cannot have tattoos?

Oh right, it’s because they’re associated with drugs/sex/gangs, etc. When people, especially adults, hear “tattoos” they automatically think “bad influence”. Why is that? I think our generations have changed quite a bit, where almost everyone I know has a tattoo, and they are not bad at ALL! And not all tattoos are bad. Tattoos that are lovely and meaningful are great! You got a tattoo for your grandmother who passed away, right on! Oh, but wait, I can’t higher you because tattoos are synonyms for deviance.

Second of all, why should it MATTER if people have tattoos? It’s there life, and their body, and if someone choses to ink themselves, then so be it? Even if you do come across someone who has long black hair that covers half their face, piercings all around their body, and tattoos that cover their arm, that doesn’t give you a right to judge them. For all you know, that person could be a genius – but you don’t know, because you don’t give them a chance. You just see these types of people and automatically judge them for their appearance and that is so wrong. That is no different than judging someone based on their skin tones. If you want to judge someone, meet them, get to know them, and if you still don’t like them, awesome, don’t communicate with then. But after meeting them and seeing what they are like, you will realize that looks are definitely not everything – in fact, they are nothing. Never judge a book by its cover, and if you plan on doing that, good luck to you in your life, because you won’t get to far by doing that.


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