Attention Seeking Girls

Okay, it’s understandable that people want attention, I mean, who doesn’t? But some girls cross the line when it comes to seeking attention.

Here are a few rules to follow to not be swallowed into the attention seeking black hole:

  1. Don’t post everything you do on social media. This means don’t post five photos in a row of you in a bikini, or the same picture just in different angles because you got a new haircut. Don’t post every single inside joke you have with people that no one else will understand, because what’s the point? Don’t post things that make you look or seem better, like “3 hot boys just asked for my number” “which of the hot boys should I call first?” You just seem very attention seeking having to let EVERYONE know that guys asked for your number? Is your life really that dull that you can’t just keep some things inside without having to share them with the world?
  1. Don’t reveal your entire life on social media. Don’t post statuses about how much you miss your ex and how depressed you are, or don’t post about how happy you are to have moved on and how ugly his new girl is. Don’t subtweet anyone either knowing that they don’t even have twitter. Example: “So glad I’ve moved on from you” or “Clearly you have downgraded from me!!!”
  1. Don’t talk about things you know are the opposite. If you know you are skinny, don’t say “I am so fat” or “ I need to go to the gym and lose weight!!!” Clearly you know you aren’t fat, you just want a reaction from people being like “omg you aren’t fat girl XOxo!!”
  1. Self-Pity. Don’t go out of your way to make people feel sorry for you. Don’t go on and on about how much your life sucks and you hate it. Why?? Is that going to make others feel sorry for you? And what’s others pity going to do for you? Make your life better? No. So stop seeking sorrow, pick yourself up, and go move on and stop sulking around being sad and trying to bring others to feel sad with you.

So if you simply follow these easy steps, I’m sure you will be on the road to success, and people won’t judge you for being attention seeking. Remember, wanting attention is normal, but in reasonable doses such as “Hi friends, I got a A on my exam. I am proud and just wanted to share this moment with you” versus “oMG I’ve been going to the gym every day and I can totally see my ass getting bigger. I’ll definitely have such a nice ass when I’m done!”

Good day.


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