Our Education System

I know what you’re thinking – a rant about how you hate school because you get poor grades; wrong.

I don’t mind going to school. Well, I’d prefer not to, but since I don’t have a choice, here I am. But I am not here with pleasure. There are so many things wrong with our education system that I just want to bring to light.

For starters, we attend high school where we are given mandatory classes, that we may not even be good at. A person may be really good at English, and prefer to take classes relating to that, but the school system states that you MUST take math and science as well. But then what happens? The student gets poor marks in those two subjects, causing their overall average to drop, and not allowing them to be on honour roll. So then when people see they’re not on honour roll, they assume they aren’t as smart, when in reality, they are very smart. They could be a genius, BUT, in other subjects. But because they are forced to take things they do not excel in, it causes an overall decrease in their grades. Not only does this lower their chances of getting into a good college or university, but it can also lower a students self-esteem because they feel ‘stupid’. They are NOT at all stupid. The education system needs to realize that some people are great at certain subjects, and some people are just not made for that.

2013-12-15 004 2013-12-15 124Second of all, they base the majority of our grades off of tests and exams. Do you know how wrong that is? Some people may be awesome at cramming everything into their brain the night before, but others are not. And in reality, that’s exactly what tests and exams show; how much people can memorize before writing one, and then 2 weeks afterwards, not remembering anything about it. Tests don’t show a person’s true smarts, assignments and projects do. They allow you to work on something, spend the time, and put forth how much knowledge you have. That way, you are able to reflect on the information that you did absorb from that subject, and not just memorize it and repeat it on a piece of paper.


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