I think what our world needs to realize is happiness is not that hard to achieve. Everyone makes happiness out to be such a farfetched goal that is so difficult to achieve, but really, it’s very simple.

Happiness is not a goal or a destination. Happiness is a state of mind. You cannot obtain it and you can’t arrive there, but you can think it. Happiness isn’t limited to a certain amount of people, and it isn’t prejudice on basing who can be happy. You can spread happiness, and you will never lose happiness because of this. Every single person on this planet is able to be happy, and it’s so simple. All you need to do is open up your mind, and just be happy.

One thing I don’t like however, is how people think that depression is a thing that can be solved by just prescribing pills to. You tell the doctor you’re depressed, they give you anti-depressants, maybe talk to someone, and then they think you’re cured. Wrong. I do not believe in taking pills for your emotions. The only medicine for the mind is nature. If you are depressed, then go out and see the world. Realize that you cannot be so down about life when it is such a beautiful thing. I know that depression is a state of mind, and cannot simply be fixed by telling someone to “cheer up”, but you can’t just do nothing about it, or just take pills and expect everything to be fine.

If you want to get better, and truly be happy, you have to change the way that you think. Literally. You cannot have negative thoughts anymore. You can only think positive. Think you can get better. Think that things will get better. Talk about things. Don’t be afraid to open up, and tell someone how you are feeling, so they can understand and help you. Life is such a beautiful thing and there is so much to do and see. But if you have negative thoughts and surround yourself with negative people, you will have a negative outlook. I am telling you, pills will not help you. There is no such thing as happy pills; do not listen to anyone who tells you to just take medication to get better. Change your state of mind and how you think, and you will exceed.


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