The Rap Industry

Hello ladies and gentlemen. Today I bring you my thoughts (quite critical) on rappers.

Not candy rappers, Male. Black. Rappers.

Okay, so not all of them are black, but most of them are either that or some sort of mix or Hispanic.

I cannot STAND rappers and the kind of music they sing/rap. The lyrics are just got awful and usually have no meaning what so ever.

There are only a few rappers I like out there and that is Eminem and Macklemore, because they talk about important things, not just girls, drugs, sex, and money.

You think it’s just the white people I like? No. Mac Miller is white and he raps about girls, sex and drugs. Do you see the repetitive pattern here? I could see if the pattern was love or magic, but the common theme between rappers is irrelevant, degrading, garbage that people seem to enjoy listening to.

One of my favourite lines of all times is by Tyga in his song “Make it Nasty” it goes: “Treat her like a dog, call the bitch Lassy”

Wow. Wow, outstanding job there Tyga. You are just a lyrical genius. And don’t even get my started on Lil Wayne or ‘2 Chainz’

Ugh I get shivers just thinking about their names; their god awful rapping names. And they are so degrading to women. Like, how were you raised that you find that okay to “rap” about women and talk about them like they are inanimate objects? They have absolutely no respect. And to top it off, their sentences don’t even make sense? Quite often they just use random words or peoples names because they rhyme. Like, seriously, was using Bill Clintons name really necessary in your song because his last name rhymes with something? No.

Personally, I like music and poetry. I like Lana Del Rey because she is a singer and a poet, and her songs are just lovely. Ella O’Connor has very good lyrics as well. Myself, I write poetry. I love words and how they flow together. But when I listen to some rappers, I tell you, I want to strangle them, and tell them to STOP WRITING MUSIC, if you can even call it that. Ugh, it’s just terrible. I cannot even fathom how they even make money and go on tours from this? It is just beyond me, and it will probably never make sense, but that’s society, and that’s our generation, and that’s just another reason why I hate those two things.


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