Love Your Body

Okay, so I know I’ve already done a post on body image AND healthy living, but I just have more things to say after experiencing life and how girls act.

First of all, do NOT hate your body. Your body is a precious, beautiful thing. You live in it every single day. Your body is you. How do you think god feels when you say that you hate yourself, when he worked so hard to create you? He didn’t make any mistakes; he made you exactly how you are supposed to be. And if you don’t love yourself, you have to learn how.

Of course it’s a common thing for girls to hate their bodies and their hair, and their faces and everything else. But it’s not them that has anything wrong with them; it’s society. Society has created this ideal image that all women think are right. But that is so incorrect. Women come in all colours, shapes and sizes. So who is society to tell us who we are supposed to look like? What right do they have to tell us to “work hard to achieve your dream body”. Why dream of a body when you can be happy with the one you have?

If you just stop looking at the negative, and picking out every single flaw you have, you will soon realize that what you have been given is a gift. You may hate yourself, but plenty of girls may be dying to look the way you do. And the same people who you want to look like, could possibly want to look like you as well.

Why do we as females, use such harsh words such as hate, and ugly. Those are disgusting words that we should never say about ourselves.  People think it is beyond disrespectful to call a girl ugly or fat, so WHY is it okay that we call ourselves that? It’s not. If you wouldn’t say it to someone else, do not say it about yourself.

Look in the mirror. What do you see? Do you see a living, breathing, healthy human being? Perfect. That’s all you should be looking for. We have this thing where instead of looking at the positives, we look at every single negative thing about ourselves, and obsess over it. “I don’t like my hair” “my hips are too wide” “my feet are too big”. When in reality, if we just started looking at the overall picture, we would see that we are fine! 100 years ago, women weren’t concerned about their nail beds, and how big their boobs were. They looked at themselves and saw a human. That’s what we need to do. We need to stop being so picky with our looks, and stop being so critical and demanding of the things we want. It’s quite selfish really, wanting longer hair, or bigger bums, or smaller waists, when all we need, we already have. We have eyes, and a nose, and ears, and hair! That’s a lot considering some people aren’t as fortunate to have those things.

Nobody is perfect, but no one is supposed to be. Perfect is a word invented by society to make women strive for the impossible, and quite frankly, it’s very rude. What society should teach us instead, is how to love ourselves.  Because how are we supposed to love other people, if we can’t even accept how we are as beings. If we are so judgemental on ourselves, it just shows how judgemental we are able to be to other people. Society needs to teach us how to look in the mirror, and love your thighs, because that means that you’re healthy. Or to look in the mirror, and embrace the fact that you have big ears, or that your hair may never be as long as your friends. As long as you are breathing, than you can smile.  And that’s all we should really be asking for.


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