I literally hate my generation and everyone in it. Maybe not the people themselves, but the people that society has created.

I wish I grew up in a time like the 50’s or 60’s. I don’t really know what is was like, but I can imagine it was better than the world is today. Better than going out for dinner with your friends, and everyone being on their cellphones. Better than girls getting mad and fighting with each other because of a “tweet”. Better than having guys be such judgemental, superficial douche bags.

I wish technology wasn’t so advanced. Sure, I love it, but I hate it at the same time. We have upgraded our skill levels, and downgraded in social skills. We have increased connectability around the globe, but at the same time, isolated a group of teens from each other. Sure, you can be sitting in a room chatting with someone from China, or facetiming your family, but people chose to do that while they’re with their friends. Their cellphone and social Medias have BECOME their friend; have become something used to pass the time. Rather than talking with people and having conversations, we now resort to going on Instagram and twitter. While a friend finds out exciting news and wants to tell everyone, they all have their heads down looking at their cellphones. We use our cellphones to be in touch with our friends and family, but in the process, make those very people the very least important in our priorities.

I wish we were all so standard and basic. The more simplistic the better. I wish girls would wear long skirts and be afraid to show off their skin, not flaunt it around to get attention. I wish girls never knew what a “selfie” or a “duckface” was. I wish Boys weren’t allowed to make fun of girls and lower their self-esteem. I wish magazines and the media didn’t exist to aid in making people feel shitty about themselves.

I wish we didn’t have drama and gossip. I wish we could live in a world where people got along. I’m not asking for a perfect world, because that doesn’t exist, but I wish we didn’t have stupid, petty drama; arguing over things that shouldn’t even matter.

I wish humans respected each other; physically and privately. Give each other space. Do not touch someone if they do not want you to. Don’t do things to annoy people.

Maybe I’m asking for a lot here, or maybe I’m just asking for the bare minimum. Maybe life wasn’t that good in the 50’s either, and in that case I don’t know what I’m saying. But maybe I just want to see a change, for the better; or a rewind in time.

If you were told to not use your cellphone for 24 hours, could you do it? If you were told you could not speak for 5 hours, could you do it? Probably not. And the things I listed above; could you go on that way? Could you try your very best to act like a civilized person and respect this earth and the very people inside of it? If those things are too much to ask for; those simple little things; then maybe our world really is doomed after all.


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