Nek Noms and Rak Noms

Okay, so as you have probably heard – and if you haven’t then.. wow, good for you for not using Facebook or associating with stupid people – there are these things called Nek Nominations sweeping the nation. Basically, it started in Australia, where someone would drink and nominate their mate to out drink them in a creative way. So now if you look on Facebook, your news feed will have an abundance of videos of stupid teenagers and young adults consuming outrageous amounts of alcohol and preforming crazy, wild, and dangerous tasks. They end the video off with nominating two more people to out drink them.. and so on.

So you can see why this is not only stupid, but also very dangerous. Two boys have already died from doing this and having overconsumption of alcohol. One person, yes it’s disgusting, even bit of a baby chick’s head for a part of his video.

Now, with Nek Noms came it’s sister, Rak noms, which stands for Random Acts of Kindness. I love this kind of nomination MUCH better because I’ve seen so many videos of people donating to charity, helping homeless people, giving giftcards and clothes to people, etc. The kindness can never be too great, and that is why I love that when you nominate someone, they will be pleased to do a kind deed and pass it along.

But I saw some people who got angry from this. They said “it shouldn’t take a rak nomination to start doing something good. People should be doing that anyways”

And here’s my argument. YES, they should, but they AREN’T. Well, they weren’t until this little trend got started. There is no harm what so ever in passing along joy and goodness, so if all it took for some people to do some good deeds was this little video trend, then that’s awesome, because good things are being done, no matter what the reason or cause, and that’s all that should really matter.


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