The F Word

Feminism. The ‘F’ word that everyone is scared of. But why? I’ll tell you. Because for SOME odd reason, people think it means things like, women taking over the world, believing in females only, girl power, the end of men, putting men down, being a lesbian, etc. Well what if I told you that feminism was ACTUALLY just believing in equal rights for everyone? Yep, you heard me. The F word is actually the E word; equal.


Back in the 50’s, women had no rights what so ever. They couldn’t vote, they couldn’t drive, hell, they didn’t even ‘own’ their own body. But now, after tons of hard work, women have come a long way. We are (almost) equal to men. Except for the whole ideology and stigma behind it all.

Trust me, I’m all for women having equal rights for men, even if that includes the hard stuff. Women can’t expect to be treated equally, but then when it comes to tough, dirty work, pull the “oh, I can’t, I’m a girl!” card. Bullshit. You want equal rights? Grab a shovel and start digging.

The part I don’t understand is why people in today’s generation are actually putting down feminism. They think it means women taking over the world, or being a psycho lesbian who hates men. NEWS FLASH, it doesn’t mean either of those things. So stop being so afraid to say the F word. Chances are, if you’re a decent human being who believes in equal rights for everyone, than you’re a feminist. People just get so scared of the F word that when asked if they’re a feminism, they get all tense and nervous, and look around all suspicious like “well who’s asking??” “why do you care?” “I like men!” Relax sweet heart, feminists love men too. Heck, MEN ARE FEMINISTS TOO! And that doesn’t make them crazy or gay – it makes them human.

541c82d4354d6b71f86dde223e7478f6Why is it that it’s 2014, and it’s still a negative thing to be a women or feminine? Females can wear jeans, have short hair, and act masculine if they please. Some go by the term “tom boy”, others go for “butch”, and some of them are even lesbians, which is completely okay. My point is, females AND males both get to act masculine in society, and that is accepted. But as soon as a male grows out his hair, he’s looked upon differently. As soon as a male has a light voice, he’s questioned. As soon as a male wears a skirt, he is looked at like a freak.

If we should “just be ourselves”, why do we get in hell for it? Everyone strives to be tough and strong, and to “act like a man”.. but what about women? Women are strong independent people as well, yet no one tells someone to “act like a woman”. In fact, people say the exact opposite. “Quit being such a girl”. Oh, I’m sorry, is there something wrong with being a girl? Why is it that women can be masculine, but men cannot be feminine without being questioned of their sanity and sexual preference? I’ll tell you why. Because to us, to be masculine is a good thing that we should strive towards, but to be feminine is a bad thing that you should tell your children NOT to be.

And why is it that one of the worst insults you can be called is a pussy? Or a c*nt?


There are also many stereotypes and stigmas around being a women – like women are delicate as young children, so be gentle with them. Well, boy babies are just as delicate? You can’t really throw them into the air and expect them to be born “tough”. Women are expected to be small, petite, and kind. So when a women doesn’t fit these characteristics, she too is looked upon differently. “Why doesn’t she act/look like a girl?”

It also happens frequently in the work place. Women are expected to have more feminine jobs than men, but who says women can’t do things just as good as men can? When a women is being assertive and getting her point across, she is often called “aggressive” or people say she is angry and out of control. Whereas men can be assertive whenever they want, and that’s just them being men.

Maybe this all derives from childhood when your parents tell you to never hit a girl. I understand that it is wrong, but why did women fight so hard to be equal to men, to only complain. “He hit me” “Don’t ask me to lift this big heavy desk, ask the guys in the class!” The only reason it is so wrong to hit a girl is because society has made it out to be that way. All in all, it’s wrong to hit anyone – period. If you hit a girl, it’s no different than hitting a male. A girl could be strong and even beat the boy up. And a boy could be weak, and often cases is, especially when it comes to bullies picking on smaller kids. Why can we hit small weak boys, but not strong buff girls? I think these rules need to be re written.

tumblr_me1u3i5WV01rkzjubo1_500So reality check – feminism is just equality for men and women. So if you’re all for equality, the next time someone asks you if you’re a feminist, don’t be afraid to say yes.


Fun fact of the day:

“Cuneiform”, the most ancient form of writing, derives from “kunta” meaning “female genitalia” in Sumerian of ancient Iraq. It literally just means female genitalia.

There was an ancient God named Cunti-Devi who ruled as a woman. But when she began to possess too much power, the men didn’t like this, and turned everyone against her. They made her out to be some cruel and evil thing, completely changing the origin of her name. Over the centuries, the word cunt has been turned from a wonderful, powerful word, to a discraceful insult; all because men didn’t like women having more power than them.

  Critical Thinking: Double Standards for Women

  • Men can sleep with multiple women and get a high five. If a women sleeps with multiple men, she’s a ‘slut’.
  • If a son brings home a girl, he is praised. If a daughter brings home a boy, the father will threaten his life.
  • If a man is assertive and gets what he wants, he’s respectable and in charge. If a women is assertive and gets what she wants, she’s bossy, spoiled, and “probably just on her period.”
  • Boys can wear whatever they want to school, but as SOON as a girl shows, god forbid, a bra strap, cleavage, or a SHOULDER for heavens sake, she is sent to the office and told to change. (woah, sorry, didn’t know a shoulder was so dangerous. And maybe if boys are getting “turned on” by a shoulder, they’re the ones that need to change, not girls)
  • Boys can act inappropriate and misbehave and parents will say “boys will be boys”. Yet if a girl acted up, she gets punished for acting so irrational.
  • Guys can act blunt and speak whatever is on their mind without getting judged. If a women ever acted that way…. people would think she was rude and impolite.
  • A man can leave his house a mess and not get judged one little bit. Why? Because he’s a “guy”. Yet if a women leaves her place a mess, she’s called messy and a slob.
  • And finally: not having children. Men can say they don’t want kids and all is grand in the world. But the moment a women says she doesn’t want kids, people will tell her she’ll change her mind later in life, or that she’ll regret it. And then she’ll get “what kind of women in this world doesn’t want kids!!??? So unnatural, my god.”



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