The Selfie

Let’s talk about the Selfie. Well, what is the selfie? It’s basically just a self-portrait picture you took… of your face. So why are selfies so popular? Well, I’m assuming because the entire world loves the way their faces look, so why not snap a photo of it.. right?


Believe me, I used to take a TON of selfies when I was younger. It’s actually quite embarrassing. I don’t even know how it got started. One day I just turned the camera around so that it was facing me, and then snapped a photo – and then snapped 50 more. I was in grad 6 okay, it was apparently the thing to do.

But now, it’s getting worse. The selfie phenomenon is taking over the world. Millions of people, girls especially, are taking selfies every single day. Mirror selfies, facial selfies, friend selfies, ‘here’s my with my dog’ selfies. It’s getting a bit ridiculous. And I, along with many other people, find selfies quite narcissistic. You’re thinking “hmmm, I look hot right now – I’m gunna take a picture of myself to post on Instagram and hope for hundreds of likes.” Like, are people that obsessed with themselves now a days that they only care about how many likes a photo can get on Facebook or Instagram?


I’m guilty of this social-crime too. Hey, I admit it, I take selfies(sometimes). But not ALL the time. And I definitely don’t take them too seriously. If I do take a selfie, it’s either because I’m bored, or I like the way I look. And hey, what’s wrong with liking how you look sometimes? (It’s rare that I look nice). So I call that the ‘Occasional Selfie Offense’. $100 fine.

But then there are the people who are Selfie Obsessed. I’m talkin selfies every single day, of every single outfit, with multiple shots per minute. And then they post them all to Instagram/Facebook. OR they make a freaking COLLAGE of all their selfies??? Isn’t that a bit embarrassing? That you just sit in your room or bathroom taking hundreds of selfies, and rather than keeping it to yourself, you post ALL of them for the world to see? Now that is called ‘Selfie Obsession Overload’ and it’s a $500 fine and a minimum 1 year in prison. I don’t want to see yo obsessive selfies all up in my Instagram feed.

What happened to the days where we photographed natures, pets, and for heaven sakes, OUR FOOD! (okay that’s still a big one on Instagram.) But I mean, come on… are people really that narcissistic and self-centered that all they care about is how other people view them?

And the worst is when girls do that pouty mouth, ducked face, serious eyes photo. They aren’t even smiling – they are so serious they look angry. And I see girls do this in every single photo! You’d think that would get boring after a while, but nope, they still get over 150+ likes on the photo. You aren’t a model – you are a teenage girl sitting in your room by a window with nice lighting, squinting your eyes and pouting your lips. That’s not cute sweetie, it’s weird.


Go outside, stop looking in the mirror every two minutes, and go find a new hobby that’s not so self-obsessed.

h2EE6A603 this-guy-just-won-the-selfie-game


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