I’d just like to start off by saying what a wonderful thing technology is. It has allowed us to come so much further into the future with such advanced technology that we have. We are able to connect with people all around the world, without being near them. We are able to watch things on … More Technology

Body Shaming

Today I want to talk about a very important issue in our society – the double standards placed upon women about their weight, and the body shaming that comes along with it. Everybody wants to be skinny… right? Well, not quite. You hear about most girls wanting to be skinny and lose weight. Eating disorders … More Body Shaming

The Repeating Cycle

As a teenager in University, I often get the common questions: “Where do you go to school?” “What program?” And.. “So what job will that get you?” or “What do you want to be?” — Everybody has dreams. Everybody has goals ambitions. But I feel that mine are different than everybody else’s. Every person I … More The Repeating Cycle

Let’s Talk Boobs

BOOBS; property or a commodity? Now a days boobs are used for everything. Whether it be selling things or… well, selling things. Bathing suits, cars, food, more cars, you get the point. Boobs have become a commodity that the industries use to make money. And women will spend all of their money to get bigger … More Let’s Talk Boobs