Let’s Talk Boobs

BOOBS; property or a commodity?

Now a days boobs are used for everything. Whether it be selling things or… well, selling things. Bathing suits, cars, food, more cars, you get the point. Boobs have become a commodity that the industries use to make money. And women will spend all of their money to get bigger boobs!?? Does this make any sense?

Anyways, people are perfectly okay with seeing slutty bikini photos on Instagram, and bikini photos for ads of cars and beer. But as soon as a mother posts a photo on Instagram or Facebook as innocent as breast feeding a child, it is reported, banned, and taken down. WHY WHY WHY!!!??

This is so wrong. What has this world come to that we idolize boobs on pretty women and aspire to be like them when it’s all in the wrong context. But something so pure and innocent, something WE ALL DID MAY I REMIND YOU, is frowned upon. Even if a women is in the mall breast feeding, she will get dirty looks and whispers.

I just find it funny how people have no problem with seeing boobs everywhere else, EXCEPT for the literal main reason we have them.


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