Body Shaming

Today I want to talk about a very important issue in our society – the double standards placed upon women about their weight, and the body shaming that comes along with it.

Everybody wants to be skinny… right? Well, not quite. You hear about most girls wanting to be skinny and lose weight. Eating disorders are becoming more and more popular with girls having low self-esteem and trying to lose weight. We see these unattainable images in the media that show perfect models with porcelain skin, super long legs, and the skinniest bodies you ever did see. We are giving young girls this ideal image of what they should look like, and when they cannot achieve, they get discouraged and hate themselves.

They tell you to be skinny, and that once you are skinny, you will be pretty. But THEN the whole body shaming thing happens, and you get this:

tumblr_mqasitubnk1rts5m4o1_1280We as a society have put so much focus on being slim and fit, that people now try to turn the tables and put the attention on other girls. This is a super common problem now a days. We tell girls they are supposed to be skinny, but then girls who are naturally skinny get picked on. Of course bigger girls need attention too, right? So then people create images like this to counter-act the ‘Skinny’ phenomenon. victorias-secret-and-dove-modelsBoth ads are awesome, okay? Love your body, that’s the message. Yet when someone sticks the Victoria’s Secret Ad on top of the Dove one, it makes people get the message of the image I put before. That being bigger is okay, and having curves is perfectly normal. But being skinny…. oh, well, they are too skinny they look anorexic.

marilynanorexicWHY CAN’T WE ALL JUST LOVE OUR OWN BODIES OKAY!? Why does it matter if someone is too big or too thin? Why can’t we as a society just freaking accept people for who they are and stop judging. When we make pictures like those we just create more and more hate. I get it that people are trying to make bigger girls feel better about themselves since society always aims for skinny, so they try to create this whole new image to strive for. But I say, screw societies ideal image, JUST BE YOU! Don’t body shame other people who aren’t like you. By putting down big girls, you are being cruel. But putting down slimmer girls is just as bad. Just because ‘skinny’ has always been the ‘norm’, does not give you a right to now pick at them and tear down their self esteem.

tumblr_m58pqxRtfr1r2murho1_500“I honestly think these girls are prettier than VS models” or post the quote: “Real women have curves, only dogs like bones”

Ok… so when did skinny/fit girls become FAKE girls!?? I’m pretty sure they are still “real”, thanks, and also, why does it have to be a constant comparison or competition? Why can’t society just appreciate that there are girls who are skinny and in shape, and there are girls who are bigger, but also healthy and happy? Why can’t men, women, teenagers, etc, accept everyone, and just love everyone with the constant judging of who’s better and who is prettier? Can we all just STOP. Thank you.




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