I’d just like to start off by saying what a wonderful thing technology is. It has allowed us to come so much further into the future with such advanced technology that we have. We are able to connect with people all around the world, without being near them. We are able to watch things on television, and find out news and information, like the weather, to prepare us for our day to day lives. We can even have radios while we’re in our cars to listen to music and hear more information. We have phones to communicate with each other and talk to people nonstop. We have cameras, which are advancing more and more each day, to not only take pictures, but to capture precious moments that could be gone forever. With just a simple snap of a button, you have a beautiful sun setting on an ocean. Or you’re babies’ first steps. We also have computers that allow us to do so many things like surf the internet, download and upload our photos, email our family in other countries, and rather than manually writing a ten page paper, you can type it all out on Word.

Now don’t get me wrong, technology is a beautiful thing that helps us every single day and I am very grateful for it. But there comes a point when technology will become too much, and overpower our lives.

Social media sites are becoming more used each day and they are a really great tool. For instance, Twitter is used for updating people on what you are doing every single minute of the day. And Instagram is mainly used to take pictures of yourself and every single meal that you eat, and post it for the entire world to see. Personally, I use these two apps on my IPhone every day, and they are fun and everything, but I do not find them useful at all. In fact, I find them quite stupid and degrading to our lives. I can’t even go through a day without checking Instagram. How sad is that? What has life really become that the world revolves around everybody on their phones checking Instagram and Twitter every five minutes for new posts about people’s lives. What happened to our own lives that we became so bored with going outside and playing, or reading a book for goodness sakes? Who reads books anymore when you have Facebook to go through and read peoples long status updates about their lives that they love to rant on about. And what happened to just picking up the telephone and calling someone to chat. That hardly exists anymore when you can just text them everything you need to say; who needs voice-to-voice interaction?

I find it kind of sad and unfortunate how as we were growing up, we learned about all of these great people, and read about all of these stories of how life used to be. I pray the day doesn’t come when our children pick up a book-if they even have them in the future- and read a story about a teenage girl who’s having boy problems that involve infidelity, Facebook and talking behind each other’s backs, because that is literally what our generation has for drama.

Cellphone use is becoming a norm that was never present before. People can’t even go out with their friends or on a date without texting or looking at their phone. The world is becoming more social, and less social at the same time. We are social in the sense that we are able to talk to people whenever we want, wherever we want, and it’s awesome. But at the same time, we as humans allow this to take over our lives. We sit there in a crowd of people, and text others who aren’t even there. That is being anti-social, when there is a room of people you can talk to. Not to mention the use of cellphones during unnecessary times such as driving. I don’t think anything is that important that you should have your head down texting, or even a cellphone to your ear as you turn the steering wheel? The number of car accidents and deaths from this are increasing at an unpleasant rate.

People keep their cellphones on them 24/7. They are a huge distractions especially to friends who are trying to talk to you, and in class when you’re teacher is doing a lesson. Cell phones consume people’s lives. Their phone is the last thing they look at before they go to bed, and the first thing they check when they wake up. Also, people sleep with their phones right beside their head, which contains radiation that also leads to cancer.

Technology is the route to a worse society. The obesity rates are increasing as the years go on, and I don’t believe it’s just from poor eating habits, and even if it is, it’s not like McDonald’s isn’t advertising in between every single television show that people spend their days watching.

Technology is there for us when nothing else is. When you are bored, what do you do? You watch television or go on the computer. The internet has also taken over. People can literally live their lives without ever having to leave their homes. You can do everything online, from shopping, dating, taking university courses, and ordering whatever you want just through a phone call.

Video games are increasing violence in our world. Games like Call of Duty and Assassins Creed are perfect examples of why young boys want to use guns. The music industry today also has a large impact on why people do the things they do. There are such inappropriate songs out there that are not only bad and violent, but also so degrading to women. These rappers talk about females like they are worthless. RAP stands for rhythm and poetry, but when I hear certain rap songs, that is not the acronym that comes to my mind. I think of drugs, sex, violence, killing, etc. And some lyrics are so meaningless. They just find random things to sing about, rhyme it with literally anything that may not even be relevant, and call it a song. It sells and makes millions.

I don’t even know why reality television exists. Honestly, we watch shows like Honey Boo Boo and Teen Mom, and I wonder how they even got their own show. I swear they create the most pointless television shows, especially on TLC, where some common shows are: My Teen is Pregnant and so am I, My Five Wives, Virgin Diaries, and My 600 Pound Life. Now please help me understand how these shows are relevant to our lives. Okay, maybe not all shows have to be relevant, but reality television melts our brains, and pretty makes us incompetent every time we watch it. And what ever happened to sitting down and just reading a good book? I know that people still do that, but not as often as they should, and not as much people in the world that should. Instead, they take the lazy way out by lying down and flicking on the television.

Now a days, the news reports on things that don’t even seem to matter. Maybe there is less interesting things happening in our world, or maybe they are also too caught up in society and social media. I could turn on the news, or read an article online about celebrities like Kim Kardashian getting married… for the 3rd time, or Justin Bieber being a bad role model to young kids. It’s irrelevant and does not impact our lives at all, so why is it on the news? Because people care? Great, sell it in a magazine.

There are also such stupid and pointless YouTube and Twitter accounts. I’m not even going to get into listing the thousands of them that exist, but just know they are out there. Ex. “White Girl Problems”. YouTube has taken over the world as well. Videos about humor are getting more views than video’s about real life problems. There are even conventions around the world for YouTube famous people to attend and meet regular people.

Social media and the internet are becoming too much. They also have some of the stupidest apps for your IPhone or Android such as Snapchat: where you can send a picture to your friends, but only for a maximum of 10 seconds – and then it disappears forever. I understand that’s great and all but 1. It’s promoting sending pornography and 2. It is so pointless. “Hey, here’s my face for 5 seconds, bye”. Is that not why we have data on our phones, to surf the internet and send pictures to our friends? I feel like there are very few apps that are useful in our lives today.

People post way too much about their lives on Facebook. Statuses, pictures, videos, notes, fan pages, etc. Who needs CP24 when we read all our news on Facebook? Girls are also getting more provocative each day. If you go back forty years, girls were nervous or embarrassed to show off their body. In today’s society, you have girls posting pictures in their bikinis or even their bra and underwear. Girls are forgetting about their own values, and only doing things to please or impress boys. But how they can expect to have other people respect them, when they don’t even respect themselves?

Not only do we use these tools to let them take over our lives, but we are using them for hurtful and mean purposes. I can’t even tell you the number of times I’ve heard about cyber bulling cases. It’s bad enough that people bully each other and call people names at school, but to take it over the internet is just a whole new low. A person can post a new profile picture, and someone can easily make a rude comment or remark on it. And that is how fights and drama begins. Even taking it back a few years to when we had MSN, and how many fights that were started over I-messenger. If you just called the person or talked to them face to face, you wouldn’t have these sorts of problems.

People hide behind a computer screen, and type things that they would never say in person. People create Tumblr’s and blog posts with the sole purpose of causing harm to someone. There are pages designated to bullying a certain person and targeting them alone. There are also pages like and where you can make yourself anonymous and ask people questions, or even write hurtful comments to them, and no one will ever know how you are. How sick can you be to first of all, write these things, and second of all, hide behind your computer screen and put your comment to anonymous? That is why cyber bullying is getting worse, because anyone can become anonymous and write whatever they want to someone and not have to face the guilt that they would if they did it in person. Not to mention the fact that if they did do it in person, other people could hear like an authority figure and they could get in trouble.

Why are there still websites being created that are allowing people to do this? Becoming anonymous should not even be an option if we all know what it leads to. People do get in trouble and even charged for these kinds of things, yet it is still happening and I cannot even begin to fathom why someone would even want to. Do you like being mean? Do you like hurting people and making them feel worthless? Does that make you feel better about yourself as a person? It sure as hell wouldn’t make me feel good, so why would it make you?

What has this world come to that rather than complementing our friends, we are constantly judging them and telling them all the things that are wrong with them. And these mean things that happen on the internet, are then brought into the schools and work places. Those rude and judging attitudes that are used on social media, are then used around your friends. People are becoming meaner and more judgmental to everyone surrounding them. They are learning from others online how to be cruel and malicious. People will judge you no matter what you do, and someone always has something to say. People can’t be themselves anymore in this society without the constant fear of being judged.

Just think; things that are happening today would have never happened fifty years ago. I know I wasn’t even alive back then, but I miss those times that you see on movies where boys and girls were scared to fall in love, and actually went on dates with each other, rather than just meeting over a social networking site and getting married. Where friends went out to the diner, and didn’t have cellphones to get distracted on. And yes, problems like bullying still occurred, but at least it wasn’t as bad as it is today, and that is because of technology.

The times were simpler without technology. They may not have been advanced, and things like getting around, or keeping in contact with people may have been difficult, but I think those things are a lot better than how society is now. This is coming from a seventeen year old girl’s perspective who has grown up in this technological diverse society. Like I said before, I use these things every single day- but that doesn’t mean I agree with them. In my opinion, society is falling apart. We may be improving, but not for the better.


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