Sweat Pants mean Giving Up

“Sweat pants mean giving up”… what does this even mean? I’ve heard so many girls say this; WHY ARE YOU HATING ON SWEAT PANTS!?

I get it that girls want to look fashionable and nice, but do you not also believe in being comfortable and warm? I feel the same philosophy goes for healthy eating. People believe in balance now a days, meaning you eat healthy most of the time, but don’t forget to treat yourself! Same thing goes for sweat pants. (or in my case, treat day is everyday)

But I want to talk about why sweat pants are looked down upon and considered “giving up?” I think it’s a social construct that we have created. One person thinks this way, so eventually, everyone things this way. But when you really think about it, there’s nothing really wrong with sweat pants. (other than the fact that aren’t tight and can’t show off your amaze bod and ass)

Yesterday a girl said to me: “well, it takes me the same amount of time to put on leggings than it does sweat pants, and leggings are just as comfy, so I go for the leggings”

And I’m like, “well, a) sweat pants are actually quicker to throw on because leggings are tight at the bottom and you gotta lift your damn leg and squeeze your foot in. b) They’re loose and baggy aka comfier than ‘tight’ and c) THEY’RE WARM! (usually I’m cold in leggings)

So if one feels physically overall better in sweat pants, why hate on them? Oh right, because of society and what other people think. In my opinion, the only people who care or judge you if you were sweat pants are other females, and to be honest, I don’t give a shit what they think, so I’m going to continue to wear my sweat pants and be comfortable, thank you very much.

F the system – do you, and stay true.



2 thoughts on “Sweat Pants mean Giving Up

  1. This. ^^ I agree, my non-sweatpants days really throw my peers for a loop. They’re like, “woah! I had no idea how big Maddie’s thighs really are!” haha agreed, though, eff society and do what you want. I absolutely love your blog(: care to check out mine? downwiththenorm.com


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