What is Beauty?

We grow up our entire lives hearing the word “Beautiful”. We see it in magazines, on television, and in movies. We grew up hearing that we are beautiful, and that life is beautiful. But what is beauty?

I hear the words “beauty is skin deep” but what does that even mean? What is beautiful? Who is beautiful, and who decides who is beautiful and who is not? Is beautiful the anorexic model you see walking the runway? Is beauty the woman with perfectly clear skin, perfect eyes, and perfect teeth on the cover of your favourite magazine? Is beauty the girls who you watch on television who can sing and dance and do everything that you can’t?

I’m just curious as to who decides these thing, because apparently beauty is everywhere, but nowhere at the same time. I hear that everybody is beautiful in their own unique way, but I also hear that if you are over 160 pounds you are ugly. I hear that you should love yourself and love your body, but I only see one certain image shown in the media. How can you love yourself and be happy with who you are when you are surrounded with the constant images of these close to perfect looking people everywhere.

But the better question is: what is perfect?

What is perfect and who decides what perfect is? Society tells us that perfect doesn’t exist. It’s just a made up thing that people strive to be, but you can never be it, because nobody is perfect. Society tells us that everybody is flawed in their own perfect way. But society, if perfect doesn’t exist, than why do you throw the word around so frequently with everybody in the media? They tell us that practice makes perfect, but if nobody is perfect, than why do we even bother trying to get there? What they should really tell you as a child is, nobody is perfect, but you are the best that you can be. And if you can’t kick the soccer ball across the field, than that is okay. No one is expecting you to be a super star.

Oh wait… but they are. Society has high expectations for everybody. They even set these expectations for us everywhere that we look. We see it on posters, in our homes, and especially in the media. They will try to tell you that it’s okay to be yourself, but then they throw these images and high standards at us and everything that we do. You can’t have a life or do what you want, because that’s not how society works.

It starts in high school when you have to pick a career. They tell you to wait till you’re ready and for sure knowing what you want to do with your life. So you decide to stay back a year.

How could you do such a bad thing like stay back a year? What is wrong with you for doing that?

I’m sorry society, I thought you said I could wait till I was ready.

And it doesn’t even begin there. The expectations you have as a high school student are top notch. Do you have a boyfriend? No. Are you super tall and model skinny? No. Do you have perfect hair that flows down your back? No.

Oh. So why do you exist? If you are not perfect and have all the standards that a “beautiful” “perfect” sixteen year old should, than why are you here?

I’m sorry society, I thought you said I should be who I am, and be happy with it. I thought I was supposed to love my body, and embrace my flaws. But I guess if I’m not perfect I should just end my life.

Oh no! That girl was so pretty and beautiful, why would she kill herself? She was so kind, inside and out. It is such a shame that she is gone. She will be greatly missed.


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