Halloween Costumes; Scary to Slutty

Ah, a rant about Halloween costumes. Is it obvious? Well, since last night was good old Halloween, I got to experience yet another year of slutty, dumb downed costumes. And if you’re a person who dislikes slut-shaming, I DISLIKE SLUTTY COSTUMES. Let’s begin.

The origin of Halloween can be traced to this “ancient pagan festival celebrated by Celtic people over 2,000 years ago,” states The World Book Encyclopedia. “The Celts believed that the dead could walk among the living at this time.”

So today, we celebrate Halloween to scare people! It’s fun right!? Watching scary movies, carving pumpkins, having fun themed Halloween parties, dressing up with scary face paint and costumes! Love it right? Oh wait, I forgot those things I just described only happened when I was 8. Halloween today? (as a University student) Let me summarize. No pumpkin carving, sparse house decorations, no scary movies (except American Psycho drunk at 1am), yes to parties, but it’s just a party with no theme and 100 drunk people crammed into one room. Oh and the best part? COSTUMES! They aren’t even scary – like ever. I think people have forgotten that the whole point of Halloween is to be scary, because now girls everywhere have replaced Scary with Slutty.

babyCostumesThe most common costumes I see are: slutty cop, slutty nurse, a slutty animal (cat/bunny/cheetah), or this new thing that people are doing called “After Sex”. I’m sorry what? What the HELL is an ‘after sex’ costume and why are people doing this? Girls literally just wear tiny shorts, a push up bra, long unbuttoned male shirt, and perhaps a tie. Oh, and don’t forget the smeared lipstick. WHY DOES EVERYTHING HAVE TO BE SO SLUTTY?


To me, it seems like females do this to attract males, obviously. But can you have a bit more.. I don’t know how to put it, self -respect? Don’t jump down my throat on that one saying that girls DO respect themselves. I’m not denying that they respect themselves. But if you put the need for a male to want you ahead of your own personal looks and well-being… well then… like I said, you could POSSIBLY have a bit more self-respect, or self-worth. Do you really want guys looking at you and just thinking of you as an object? They don’t care what your name is, who you are, or what books you like to read (HA HA), they see boobs and your stomach (obviously a necessary to show on Halloween) and that’s it. They don’t care about anything else. So hey, if you’re all for guys not giving a shit about who you are as a person and only seeing some hot piece of ass that they could get down with, then go right ahead; BE MY GUEST AND DRESS SLUTTY!!!

All I’m sayin is, it’s so annoying to hear everyone talking about being a “slutty teacher” and “slutty nun” (wtf) for Halloween and not really caring about themselves. Can girls not just put some pants on and cover their boobs? Is it really that difficult? Okay, rant over. Bye.



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