The Irony of Cellphones

In this generation, it is rare to find someone without a mobile phone, let alone a smart phone. We were raised on technology; computers and cellphones became our friends. We were told that they solve the problems that we cannot. We were taught to rely on them, and use them whenever we feel like it. And since we grew up on this methodology, we will be passing it onto our children as well, except when that time comes, technology will be far more advanced, and our society will doomed.

Don’t get me wrong, technology is a wonderful thing. It helps us stay connected with our friends and family, it allows us to solve problems and look up any question we have, and it even allows us to do anything we can do in person, online, but faster. The only problem is that we have become too dependent on it. We rely on technology for everything whether it is to text our friend who is in the next room, or to Google a question we are unsure of. Sure these things are great, but we could be so much better off without it.

We live in a world where society has taken over. The young minds of our generation don’t look up towards the future because they’re too busy with their heads looking at their cellphones. People are always on their phones or laptops or computers or tablets. We as a world have made this possible by creating such easy access, and always accessible devices allowing people to be what Sherry Turkle calls “Always On”. It’s the way that we are always on our cellphones, and use them for everything. She discusses how we rely on them for everything, including ourselves. People claim to be much more confident and happier when they have their cellphone in hand. She says we have turned into these cyborgs who used to go to places like café’s to meet, and now, we go there in a room full of people, to all be on a phone or laptop. Even with our friends, who we go out for dinner with, where we want to be together and catch up, we end up being alone; because when every person at the table is on their cellphone, we are isolating ourselves. And we are not fooling anyone when we say we are out with our friends.

social media2I’ve always believed that technology will one day overpower us. I always hate seeing people always on their cellphones and disregarding the world that is happening right in front of them. I try to be on my cellphone as little as possible. I am not always texting or on Twitter, I actually deleted Twitter in December 2013 because I felt it was brainwashing and a waste of time. But when I am on my cellphone, I don’t block out the rest of the world. I still listen and make sure I’m aware of what is going on. My friends however, can be on their cellphones while I or others are talking, and they don’t hear anything we are saying, which annoys me immensely.

People no longer use their cellphones for connectivity, they use it for boredom. If they are bored in class, or lying in bed, or even hanging with their friends for goodness sakes, they take out their cellphones and use it; Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Vine, Snapchat, Tinder, shall I go on? There are unlimited apps that enable our world to be able to do this, and it’s because they keep creating more apps and smartphones that are able to do more things, that people keep buying into consumerism and getting more of what they don’t need. It’s even worse when you see kids in grade five and six with a cellphone in their hand as they walk around the mall beside their mother.

Cellphones have become a prosthesis – an extension of our touch, hearing and sight. The irony in cellphones is that they were created to bring us together, yet all they do is drive us a part. In 50 years you won’t see people watching out for their generation, or trying new things with their life, as they will all be far too busy focusing on how thin they can make a device that already fits in their hands.

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