I’m Not Like Most Girls – Said by Most Girls

How often do you hear females saying this term: “I’m not like most girls,”

Isn’t it ironic that the majority of girls are saying this? Well, if you’re all not like most girls, but most of you are saying it, then who is ‘most girls’ and what are they like?

I’d really like to know.

I myself have personally said this, and what I guess I’m trying to imply is that I’m not a classic girly girl who loves pink and shopping. I want people to know that I’m different; I’m unique; I’m me. I love being by myself and gossip makes me cringe. I love watching The Walking Dead and Breaking Bad with my dad and Brother and would rather shoot myself than go shoe shopping. But I’m not a tom-boy.. so what am I? Well, easy.. I’m “not like most girls”

But here’s the thing, every girl is different and probably every girl has said that saying. We have to realize that we are not all the same, so saying we are not like most girls doesn’t make sense. Some girls like shopping, some girls like dirt biking. So in a pink-loving girly girl’s mind, the term ‘most girls’ could be the majority of girls she knows who may love dirt biking. So if she said that she’s not like ‘most girls’, that’s the image she would have in mind.

Another thing females often mean when they associate this term with something is that being a girl is a negative thing. If being a girl was an awesome thing, wouldn’t you think everyone would want to be ‘like most girls’? But no, they don’t. The majority of the world aims to be like one thing, is that is a man. Whether you’re a 8 year old boy who just isn’t that strong, you get called a ‘girl’. “You hit like a girl,”. Or in High School to the guy who couldn’t finish 10 beers in 10 minutes – “you’re a pussy”. Or the supposedly worse thing you can call a girl – like ever: ‘You’re a C*nt”

Let me ask you something; what is wrong with hitting like a girl? What is wrong with being a pussy? Because 100% percent of the people saying this literally came from one. And what is wrong with being a C*NT!? Fun fact, did you know the word c*nt actually derives from an ancient Goddess who was worshiped and looked up to. It wasn’t until she began gaining so much power that the men got envious and started spreading lies about her and making everybody hate her. Her name then became associated with negative connotations, and therefore to this day, we call people a c*nt to insult them, when in reality, it used to be an amazing word.

It’s like how Adolf Hitler took the swastika symbol – a symbol once meaning prosperity and good fortune – and used it with his association killing millions of people. So now if someone were to draw a swastika symbol, people freak out and say that’s disrespectful. He took such an innocent symbol and turned it evil. That is the exact same thing with the word c*nt. So next time someone calls you that, just say “thank you, I know I’m awesome.”

cartoon-Betty-White-on-Balls-jpg My point is, most girls strive to be like men, and most men strive to be like men. That’s why girls can wear dresses or pants, but men can only wear pants. That’s why girls can have “women crush Wednesday” and girls our girlfriends without any assumptions. But if a guy were to say “oh my gosh Ryan Gosling is so hot, I want to be him” or kiss his guy friend, “OMG HE’S GAY!!?!???”

WHAT IS WRONG WITH BEING GAY? Oh right …. It’s the closest thing to being a girl.

So I ask you, what is wrong with being a girl? Absolotely nothing. We are fucking awesome creatures with fucking awesome vaginas and stuff. WE LOVE PINK; WE MAKE BABIES; WE ARE POWERFUL. LET US BE POWERFUL. So ya, I’m not like most girls, I AM MOST GIRLS. I am all of my girlfriends and mothers and mothers friends and every empowering woman I have never known combined into one. I am me, and I am awesome.




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