Where’d All the Good People Go?

So I was driving on the highway today, and the speed limit is 100. I am a good, law abiding citizen; but it is also the highway, so I was going 120. Normal, right? That is until at least five cars come flying up behind me, then start honking and freaking out that I’m going to slow, then pass me and give me dirty looks, throw the arms up, and give me the finger. All for what… obeying the law? Nice people. And may I just add that every time I drive this highway, I see at least one person pulled over by the cops as the highway is often monitored by the OPP. So I think I’d rather obey the law and drive safe and slowly, rather than get upset over you giving me the finger and passing me.

It’s crazy right? That we live in a generation where the word ‘patient’ does not exist. What happened to waiting in line without freaking out and yelling at the cashier? What happened to sitting on hold without getting short tempered and hanging up? What happened to driving the fucking speed limit for God sake without passing people who are abiding the law and the safety of others?

It got me thinking, and I realized, this is not the only problem. Our society has turned into something malicious. People see someone in need on the streets, and choose to walk right by and ignore them. People give to the rich and take away from the poor. They will have no problem whatsoever lending a dollar to a wealthy man who needs some extra change for his Starbucks latte, but cringe and move away from the helpless man on the street who can’t afford water. It makes me sick. And this is considered normal to us. Where have our morals gone? Where have simple manners gone?

2013-12-15 004 2013-12-15 169My grandpa just passed away last month causing my mom to leave the province to go help her mother. And do you know how many people sent cards or flowers? Only ONE person. I swear it was proper etiquette that when someone passes away, you help the grieving family. You send cards, you send flowers, you bring over food because God knows they aren’t even thinking about making dinner at these times. Yet when my mother was away, do you think anyone we know stopped by to offer help or assistance? Not one. Even though my mother has helped people for years, and before her, my grandmother opened up her home to every stranger and helped people all her life. They both still do it to this day. And it pisses me off so much that not one of her friends or family had the courtesy or decency to help out.

When our family friend’s mother passed away, my mom brought her flowers, stayed with her while she cried, brought her copious meals to eat and was just being a good friend. When my grandpa passed away – no one did anything.

2013-12-15 004 2013-12-15 091Where have all the good people gone? Why did we evolve into such cold hearted beings that ignore the ones in need and being so disconnected and careless? I guess it’s only my mother and I who care and put thoughts and efforts into helping other people, because I sure as hell haven’t seen anyone do it for us – ever.

2013-12-15 004 2013-12-15 0162013-12-15 004 2013-12-15 090ps. Happy One Year to this blog. I officially created this blog last year on December 9th and wrote my first post about the Victorias Secret Fashion: https://letstalkaboutsociety.wordpress.com/2013/12/10/body-image/

Cheers to another year of hating society xo


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