Why Do People Hate One Direction

If I had a dollar for every time someone said that One Direction and Justin Bieber were ‘gay’, I’d probably have enough money to go to their concerts….

Over the years I have heard constant insults about these boys. And although the millions of girls over the world that adore them outweigh the negative, I still can’t help but wonder why so many people, mostly adults and men, consider One Direction to be “gay” as they say.

One-Direction-What-Makes-You-BeautifulPeople have no problem listening to the Beatles? or better yet, rap music such as Tyga, Drake, Lil Wayne, Big Sean, etc. Could it be that these boys insulting 1D are.. jealous? Or intimidated? Possibly. I don’t think any boy in their right mind would admit to liking and listening to One Direction because that’s just how society works. Even parents have this association with One Direction that it’s meant for 13 year old girls or something? News flash: their songs contain pretty mature themes. They full out sing about ‘taking you home’ and ‘watching you get dressed, messes with my head’, etc.  I know the majority of their audience is younger pre-teens and such, but that does not mean that the audience is limited to that group.

The reason I am writing this is because ever since 2 weeks ago, I fell in love with One Direction… mostly Harry Styles. And you know why? They’re attractive, they have amazing vocals and…. well, that’s pretty much the biggest factors, but also they are funny and cute and they just act like regular 20 year old boys who just happened to become famous. They fight with each other and make stupid jokes and act dumb on television. I really like them and the music they make. So why can’t I love them without my parents thinking “she’s turned into a 13 year old girl” And when I’m in the car with my brother, why does he tell me to “turn this gay music down” ?

One-Direction-I thought about this today while driving. They are boys and so is my brother. My brother listens to males rap, so why does he hate on One Direction? Hmmm, is it possible because the rap industry dehumanizes women and treats them like objects? Tyga raps lyrics such as “treat er like a dog, call that bitch lassy”. and Lil Wayne says ‘fuck’ and ‘pussy’ in just about every single line. Oh and ‘2 Chainz’…. “all I want for my birthday is a big booty hoe”. Talk about lack of respect for women….. eh, aren’t we all supposed to be equal and stuff?

One-Direction.pngBut back to One Direction. I think my conclusion here is that One Direction sing about love and happiness. Their songs are fun and upbeat and what are those things associated to? Being feminine. Girls sing about those things. Taylor Swift sings about those things. Therefore, One Direction is feminine. I know this whole concept is so ridiculous and it’s 2014, we should be able to listen to whatever music we want without being judged.

I just can’t help but wonder if One Direction sang about ‘banging bad bitches’ and ‘playin real hoes’ if they would have a larger male audience.



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