I just got back from a walk with my friend who I haven’t seen in a while. We talked a lot and caught up on everything and I realized a lot of things.

Many people my age gossip. Many people in general gossip. It’s how things work. It keeps things interesting. Why talk about your success in school when you can talk about that girl who slept with so and so last week.

I have to admit, I liked to gossip. Like I said, it kept things interesting, and if you and another girl both hate someone, you can hate on them together and then you have something in common. But that was in high school and now I’m in second year University.

The past year I have changed myself and evolved as a person. I no longer find joy in talking bad about other people. So last night when I went to a get together with our old high school friends, I couldn’t help but notice how much gossip people like to talk.

I did find myself having a few deep intellectual conversations. I was talking to this one guy about the earth and how it pains me to see Man destroying it. Next I talked to those girl who, just like me, wants to move to Australia when we’re older. I also heard the word conspiracy theorist and quickly turned around to find a fellow C.T who was all like “you believe 9/11 was an inside job too!?”

It’s a great thing to find people who enjoy the same topics or passions as you. It’s even greater to listen to someone talk about things they are passionate about.

I just love having deep, intellectual conversations about things that matter. The world, my life, everything. Even if you get into a heated debate about Christianity and God, or Canada vs America, it’s still better to stimulate your brain with that kind of knowledge rather than gossip. I kind of like debates. It’s good to be challenged once and a while and you’ll learn something knew or gain a new perspective.

My point of this short post was that gossip should be gone and down the drown. I wish everyone could grow up and mature enough to stop talking about other people and negative things, and find the light and interesting topics to discuss.


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