Ever since we were young we are told to keep quiet, be polite, close your legs, listen intently, smile, don’t swear (it’s unladylike) and keep your hands to yourself.

As we grow up, society tells us what we can and cannot wear. Society tells us who to be friends with and how to style our hair. Society tells us how thin we should be and how our main goal in life is to be pretty.

Now that I’m older, I’ve realized just how fucked up the whole thing is. (Sorry, is swearing un lady like?)

I’m sick and tired of being told what to do and how to act. Oh your brother can get away with that, boys will be boys after all. But when can girls start being girls?

Everything in our world shrinks and belittles girls for who we are. We can’t accept compliments because if God forbid we like ourselves, we’re conceited.

We learned to keep quiet and not have a voice so that we don’t come off as aggressive.

We aspire to grow up, get married and have children because… what the fuck else could a woman possibly want to do with her life?

Because in elementary school we are sent home if our shorts are too short or if our bra straps are showing.. Because rather than teaching boys that women are not objects, we are teaching women not to reveal themselves. (Oh and it’s 30 degrees out but go put some pants on because boys can’t control themselves)

tumblr_n3lgerdEDs1tvlodto1_1280Because we’re conditioned to see other women as our enemies rather than our sisters.

Oh and boys, it’s okay if you walk around topless because you’re men. But if a woman walks around topless, well, that’s a pretty taboo thing in our society that is highly looked down upon.

So why can men show off their bodies but woman cannot? Is it because women are commodities to be sold? You can buy a magazine of nude women at just about any convenient store, but breastfeeding in public is banned because.. it’s okay to sell boobs, but not okay to have them.

tumblr_nhq6ycVBuK1u2lmy1o1_1280I think times are changing. Women are standing up for themselves. Women are having a say in what they want in this world and for themselves. I’m done being pushed around and ignored because I am a girl. It’s time I start getting what I want and making a difference with my voice .. because I am a woman. And I have a say.

“The fact that a woman who appreciates herself and loves every inch of her body and her mind is perceived as arrogant and vain whereas a woman who struggles with self esteem issue is more or less the norm and seen as modest clearly shows how society is trying to belittle woman and trick them into thinking they somehow have to feel inadequate all the time.”




One thought on “Girls

  1. Well said! The double standards of society are ridiculous. Women have to be a particular way yet men can be however they want. Women should be appreciated for who they are, not what they look like or what they can physically give to someone else.


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