Alone Again

Before you go and assume this post is going to be a negative one; stop, and reevaluate.

Today is Thursday. Today is a good day. I learned that sometimes it’s not teachers or professors that we learn from, but our peers and each other. I love finding inspiration from other people and rather than thinking of life as a competition, I’m learning to consider it a community. We have so much to teach each other to help one another learn and grow. Don’t get jealous of other people, compare yourself to them, or try to be better than them. Simply smile and share your knowledge and be grateful.

I crossed multiple things off my to-do list and that’s a marvelous feeling. I love feeling successful and accomplished. I had a few shitty things happen to me yesterday that if they would have happened to me two years ago, I probably would have cried, got upset, and let it ruin my whole day. But instead, I didn’t allow it to get to me. I realized that there are bigger problems in this world and my problems are so miniscule and can be easily solved. And even if they can’t be solved, it’s all good. Everything will be okay in the end.

The negativity in the world can only get inside of you if you allow it. So I thought positive and it didn’t phase me – not one bit. I smiled and even laughed about it. And it was genuine. And that’s how I know I have changed for the better.

Tonight my friends all decided to go out to the bars/clubs. And I went to a Writers Club. I love writing and hearing other people present their work. It makes me smile and gives me inspiration. I was given the choice to go out once I got home, but I chose to stay home. Perhaps I’ll watch a movie .. or.. write this blog post.

I have come to terms with myself and am completely satisfied with who I am and what I do. The past me was a very different person. Perhaps I would have went out to please my friends or to fit in and be cool. But from now on, I’m standing up for myself. I’m saying how I feel and I’m doing what I want to do. And that also includes not doing things that I don’t want to. It’s that simple.

If you want to go out for dinner, then go out for dinner. If you don’t want to go grocery shopping today, then don’t go. Life will be okay. Your choices make and shape who you are. So I could have went out tonight and had fun, but instead I chose to stay in by myself. I chose to stay in and stay true to myself. I chose to stay in and do what I truly love to do; enjoy my solitude.

I can walk around in my underwear and sing really loud. I can go make food and then watch a movie with the volume cranked.

I may be alone again, but hey, I wouldn’t have it any other way.



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