50 Shades of Reality

In the past three weeks, I can’t even tell you how many articles and posts I’ve read about ’50 Shades of Grey’, some good, mostly bad. You see, the whole controversy here is that people are saying this movie romanticizes sexual violence and domestic abuse. Well, I’m here to state a different opinion.

50_Shades_Christian_Grey_460_355_55_s_c1Trust me, I’ve read my fair share of angry articles ranging from women, to men, to feminists, to fans, so I’ve heard it all. And I’m here to say, I respect you and your opinions/thoughts about this ordeal. But the thing is, I believe people are taking this a bit too far.

I’ve never read the book and I haven’t even see the movie, yet here I am defending it.

First of all, as a writer myself, I can respect what E.L James did and I feel bad about all the hate and criticism she is getting. “This is a shit book, poor writing, paper flat characters, no story line” etc. If all of these things are true then why is it one of the most sold trilogies in the entire world?

Secondly, and probably the biggest thing that people aren’t seeming to grasp is that… THIS IS FICTION!! None of this is real. Christian is not the perfect man because he does not exist. Anastasia does not exist. Their sex life does not exist. With that being said, Stephen King writes about people being brutally murdered. The movie ‘American Pyscho’ that stars the charming psychopath Patrick Bateman was based on a book. HE KILLS PEOPLE. Do you see the pattern here? People have a valid argument when they are saying this book promotes sexual violence/domestic abuse etc, but the thing is, it’s a fictional novel. When people watch Dexter do you think they plan to go out and start murdering serial killers? NO!! So why would people read this novel (and know in their right minds that this is clearly wrong) and somehow want a relationship like this? If anything, the book shows people what NOT to want in a relationship.

It’s not like E.L James went out and said #relationshipgoals or spoke about how perfect their relationship is. No, I’m pretty sure everybody can agree about how fucked up their relationship is. But my point is, it’s a novel, and people write about death and murderers and no one gives them hell for promoting violence? Why? Because it’s fiction.

In high school we learned about the media and how it can effect people. Their were studies saying that people who play violent video games or listen to heavy metal/screamo music are more likely to become violent individuals. And you know what they found? That this was UN TRUE! It is not up to what you watch/read/listen to that shapes you as a person. You determine that on your own. So if reading 50 Shades of Grey makes you crave a violent relationship, then I believe that is the individuals fault, not the author. E.L James may have loaded the gun, but they pulled the trigger when they knew the circumstances.

And my last and final point is, think about how much media attention this has got? It’s been all over my newsfeeds on almost every single social media network, all over the TV, radio, etc. There’s not one single person who hasn’t heard about the movie, and two, hasn’t heard about the controversy about domestic violence and abuse. So if anything, E.L James has actually raised awareness about this taboo topic and got people speaking about it. So bravo to you girl. I applaud you.

The end, byeeee.


One thought on “50 Shades of Reality

  1. Any time you reach a certain amount of success you will be scrutinized by the public. I’m sure there are plenty more published books that fall into the same vein and because they’re not as popular they don’t receive as much backlash. Same thing goes with celebrity. There’s a bunch of every day people that lie, cheat and act like idiots and no one is slamming them on social media.


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