Let’s Talk About: SEX AND PERIODS!!!

Well hello there everyone and happy Tuesday. Today we will be discussing two quite taboo topics in today’s world: sex (for women) and periods.

Let’s begin with SEX:

Lately I’ve been paying more attention to the media and realizing how we as a society react to sex, especially when it’s a women doing it. Sex is a taboo topic in general.. but why? It’s a natural thing that humans have literally been doing since the beginning of time. It indicates love and it’s how life is created. So what is wrong with it?

Nothing, that’s what. Everything we do and think is a social construct, meaning that our thoughts are just constructed by biases from society. If you really think about it, there is nothing dirty/gross/impolite/nasty/explicit about sex. IT’S JUST SEX!! But we as a society have to make such a huge deal about it.

john-lennon-we-live-in-a-world-where-we-have-to-hide-to-make-love-while-violence-is-practiced-in-broad-daylightAnd it’s even worse for women. There is so much double standards when it comes to sex with men and women. Men can sleep around and do whatever they please. If they have five different sexual partners, high five and props to them. However if a woman has sex with two different men, she is seen as a slut or a whore.

What the fuck is wrong with society?? Why are women slammed and punished for every little thing they do. Why can’t a women just appreciate herself and her body without being called cocky or conceited. double. standards.

Another thing that women get hell for is having breasts and having a VAGINA.

vagina, let’s all say it together people; it’s not a scary word.


Literally every being on this planet came from one so it’s about time we all got the fuck over it. Same thing with breasts. They are just flubbery pieces of fat on our chest – nothin special there. And we have nipples.. BUT SO DO MEN. WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE?

Also, why are women’s asses a commodity and a sex symbol… but men’s aren’t…?

Okay, back to breasts. Women are used to sell things with their boobs every single day. Yet God forbid a woman breast feeding her child in public. One of the most natural things ever and it is frowned upon…

And periods… Why is everyone so afraid of goddamned periods!? If my nose was bleeding it wouldn’t be gross. But somehow a vagina bleeding is so scary and taboo to talk about. In elementary school, girls hide their tampons in their bags and shyly sneak off to the bathroom. People feel embarrassed buying tampons. Men want to have sex with your vagina – that is until it starts doing a natural fucking thing to produce life aka bleeding.

WHY!? What is so scary and shameful about having a vagina??

Oh that’s right – we’re women.

My goal is to get rid of stigmas around these so called taboo topics that no one feels comfortable talking about. So help me spread the word, and LET’S TALK ABOUT SEX AND PERIODS. WOOOO.



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