Learning in Life

Thoughts while meditating:
We’re all put on this planet for a purpose right? Well how are you supposed to figure out what yours is? I mean I go to school and I learn as much as I possibly can, but I still haven’t learnt my purpose. Is it to be kind to other people? Is it to help save this planet?

We’re taught a lot of things in school but the main things are to have good grades and strive for perfection. We are defined by a letter or percentage that determines what kind of future we’re going to have. I always thought I was so stupid in high school because I sucked at math and science yet I was forced to take them all throughout my four years. Students who are biologically engineered differently have to all take the same classes. Kids who excel at math and suck at English grow up feeling stupid. I felt stupid.

It wasn’t until my first year of university that I truly discovered my passions. I excel at English and the arts and those are my true callings. I have discovered so many classes that I truly love taking and I am good at them. I look back now and realize how unfair high school was because of the rules of conformity. But the best people are the ones who stray away from the norm; the ones who take the path less traveled by; the ones that see the darkness and are punished for it.

I’ve been learning a lot lately. I go on the internet and read different articles about what is happening in our world. I read funny posts and satirical posts as well. I go on Tumblr and read about people’s lives and past experiences. I read about stories that have happened and even there I see more information about our world. I watch documentaries and learn about the corrupt government or how bad the food industries are. I watch films that are based on true stories and learn about our history. I also watch films that are fiction and learn a hell of a lot there as well.

You see, I find myself constantly learning and becoming more and more intrigued by it every day. I love going to university and learning different things every day. In one class I learned about semiotics and in the other I learned about how deviance is a good thing. But the one thing that I despise about university is that I’m doing all this learning for a grade; to be determined by a percentage all over again. In the end, it’s the same as high school.

When in reality, I’m learning much more than I ever did before. And that is because I am eager and excited to learn. I am throwing myself out into the world and am willing to learn as well as teach. I love learning from my peers and learning from my own experiences. I love reading things and watching things that teach me more about this earth. I want to travel and discover more because I feel like I can never stop learning. I want to become enriched with culture and have an abundance of knowledge.

I may not know about quantum physics or how to balance a cheque book; but I know a lot about life, and that’s all that really matters in the end, right?


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