The Desire Theory

Everybody wants something. You always want something. People often want things they cannot have. Perhaps knowing they can’t have it, makes them want it more. But sometimes, when they get that one thing they want, their minds can change.

Humans always need to have desire or longing. Because once you get what you want, the desire to have it suddenly disappears. It’s gone, because now that you have it, you want something else. And it’s not that you’re spoiled and you’re always wanting things, it’s just that humans are wired to always desire something. Whether it be our looks, our friends, or our everyday items. It’s a basic necessity that you do on a daily basis; without desire, you have nothing. Once you get what you want, that current desire is turned into temporary happiness, and it’s up to you how long that lasts. But after you get what you want, you want more. Always. It’s human nature to always want, and if you find yourself content and never wanting more, than you haven’t looked hard enough.


Don’t ask me why or how we are like this, but I find that humans are genetically wired to want what does not want them back. It’s like they crave this need for acceptance from other people, and when they find someone does not like them, they want them. They want that person to want them back, or to at least acknowledge them. When people ignore others, that just drives them to want them even more, and the people who actually do pay attention to you, are neglected by you.

As humans, we fail to realize that if we don’t change this, it will continue on into a vicious circle of wanting, ignoring, and hating. People need to just turn around and see what is right there. Stop chasing whatever is ahead of you because clearly they do not want you. If you would just stop for a moment and realize that all you want is acceptance, and the one thing that is accepting you is right behind you, then that is what you need to see. That is the one you need to be with.

There is something in our little brains that make us like this. I don’t know what it is, but we all have it. Whether it be wanting something that doesn’t want us back or wanting something that we know we cannot have and wanting it anyways. It’s quite silly really. We could be focusing on bigger problems. We could be wanting things that we actually need in life, you know, the necessities. But instead, we sit here in our 1st world country, wanting all the things that some people would be lucky to even have. So instead of taking the people around your for granted, why don’t you go to someone you know would love to talk to you, and make their day. Because I’m guessing there is someone in your life you wish would do that to you, and hey, you never know, maybe you could start something. Change a few people here and there, and perhaps, one day, your person will turn around and finally notice you too.


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