Is Taylor Swift’s New Music Video racist!?

So I recently heard about the release of Taylor Swift’s new music video for Wildest Dreams. I was so excited when this happened, because I’m a huge Tswift fan (since ’07) and Wildest Dreams is actually one of my favourite songs off her album. Although, I was a bit annoyed when they started playing it on the radio because now they will overplay it to death.


ANYWAYS, the music video. It is amazing in my opinion, and directed by Joseph Kahn, the same man who did her famous ‘billion’ times watch Bad Blood video. Now it’s a great video – so why are people complaining now…

RACISM! Taylor Swift shot this video on Africa and there are NO BLACK PEOPLE!!!!! Oh my goodness the outrage!!!!

Taylor Swift’s “Wildest Dreams”: Taylor Swift’s new video “is dreaming of a very white Africa,” according to NPR, which traces the history of Western depictions of the continent as a place for “romanticized colonialism.”-

Another article here:

Okay, first of all, if you haven’t seen the video, go watch it here:

18671445-mmmainSo as you can see, it takes place in the 1950’s or 60’s. And it’s also a movie set. Meaning the people from Hollywood flew out to Africa to film there.

  1. If there were no African American’s in Hollywood at that time, it would be unrealistic to just throw them in there for the sake of it being shot in Africa.
  2.  It’s not like there’s just some random African’s running beside lions, so that would be unrealistic to include that.
  3.  THE ENTIRE VIDEO FOCUSES ON TAYLOR AND THAT HOT GUY FROM THE LONGEST RIDE. Scott Eastwood. I didn’t even pay attention to anything else!??


So clearly people are just being super picky and trying to get mad at Taylor Swift for literally anything… Because last year when her Shake it Off video came out, she incorporated black hip hop culture and people got mad at her for that too……….

In conclusion, Taylor Swift is an awesome human being, she is gaining major success this year and is doing so well. So people are just hating her for no reason.

Check out this other response video that makes sense:

Also as an endnote, I just wanted to say that I just read about the Nicki Minaj Taylor Swift Twitter ‘controversy’ (it wasn’t even a controversy but you know how the media loves to stir up things). Anyway, Nicki Minaj was angry because Anaconda only got nominated for 2 awards, and not best video of the year. She then made tweets about how if she was white and promoted slim white girls in her video, then it would win. (Then Taylor Swift thought this was about her and tweeted back)

But can we just remember the Anaconda video for a second!? It was over sexualized and had foul language, explicit scene and language, and just not an overall appropriate video to watch with your parents let alone show for the entire world at the awards show. So Nicki, I love you and everything, but perhaps the video had nothing to do with your race after all, but your explicitly and viewer discretion.



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