Why I Have a Problem with the Song ‘Honey I’m Good’

You’ve probably heard it – that super catchy up-beat song on the radio:

But I have a slight problem with the meaning behind it. Andy Grammar is basically singing about how he’s out in a bar, and he sees a really attractive girl, and they’re chatting, but when she asks where he’s staying tonight, he says: “no, no, you got me all wrong baby, my baby’s already got all of my love.”

“So nah, honey I’m good, I could have another but I probably should not, I’ve got somebody at home, and if I stay, I might not leave alone.”

Wow, good for you!! You should be congratulated on choosing NOT to cheat on your significant other!!  And the fact that later in the song, he says, “I got her, and she got me, and you’ve got that ass, but I kindly say…”

Ugh. This song just frustrates me. It reminds me of songs like Before he Cheats by Carey Underwood, and Girl at Home, by Taylor Swift where it is a FEMALE telling their perspective about a) being cheated on, b) having a guy try to pick you up when you KNOW they have a significant other.

Cheating should not be an option if you are in a committed relationship, and singing about how tempted you are, but deciding to rightfully go home to your S.O shouldn’t make you feel proud or happy; that is the right decision that everybody should make….


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