Article Archive

December 2013

Body Image
Hipsterity and Good Vibes
Tiffany, Pandora and everything else overpriced
Guns Don’t Kill People – We Do
The Hype of Christmas

January 2014

Invisible Gates
Healthy Living
Let’s Talk Tattoos
Attention Seeking Girls
Our Education System
The Rap Industry
Love Your Body
Double Standards for Animals

February 2014

Black History Month
Nek Noms and Rak Noms

July 2014

Happy Birthday to…. me?
The F Word
The Selfie

August 2014

Let’s Talk Boobs
The Repeating Cycle
Body Shaming

September 2014

Sex Sells
Sweat Pants Mean Giving Up
What is Beauty?

October 2014

Just Go Home
The Cruel Rules of High School
‘5 Reasons Why Girls With Tattoos Are Broken’ Response

November 2014

Halloween Costumes; Scary to Slutty
Things I have to Tell my Roommates that is Common  Sense
The Irony of Cellphones
I’m Not Like Most Girls – Said by Most Girls
Confident or Narcissistic

December 2014

Where’d All the Good People Go?
Why Do People Hate One Direction?
Pretty Hurts
Books of 2014

January 2015

Alone Again

February 2015

50 Shades of Reality

March 2015

Let’s Talk About SEX AND PERIODS
I Need a Boyfriend
Learning in Life

August 2015

The Desire Theory

September 2015

Is Taylor Swift’s New Music Video Racist!?
What I learned This Week // #1
Heterosexuality and Gender Oppositions

October 2015

Why it sucks Being a Perfectionist

November 2015

Why I Have a Problem with the Song ‘Honey I’m Good’
WTF is Up With Slut Shaming!?
Media’s of the Week #1
Media’s of the Week #2


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